Neil Delahay

General Manager, The Conway

Training in Cardiff (CIHE) I have embarked on a 20 year career journey spanning kitchens and
front of house from high volume branded restaurants, bars, coffee shops and even bowling
venues before settling at my favourite.

Best 3 things about your job
Staff, Customers and enjoyment.

Best 3 things in life
Family (my wife, daughter & dog), Friends, Food & Drink

Perfect Dinner Guest
This is a tough one. Being a bit of a joker some times, I wanted someone who could make me laugh
but also have a serious side – my first tv comic favourite – Lenny Henry (served him once or twice too).

Last Supper
Family and friends, past, present,future and departed – just one big ‘chin wag’ with whatever is served up.
More important than any famous name, but especially my dad, and Lucina’s (wife) parents who have missed
being part of a great journey so far.