Sharon Noakes


I came from an unrelated background, in fashion retail management and HR. I landed headfirst, by default, into the world of pubs and restaurants 18 years ago.

Best 3 things about your job
Watching people having a great time in our venues.
Sharing the chefs passions about their new culinary creations.
Facilitating an employee’s climb from the bottom of the ladder to the top.

Best 3 things in life
At the moment all the F’s… family, food and friends (there’s film, fashion and France too!)

Perfect Dinner Guest/s
What better than picking the brains of business women Alex Polizzi and Mary Portas over dinner.

Last Supper
An odd combination, but any warm salad laden with Meditteranean roasted veg, followed by moules frites from my favourite French restaurant. A Cornish cream tea with lashings of clotted cream (just about beats chocolate!) would round off the meal beautifully, accompanied by a glass of the finest Champagne I could lay my hands on.

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