Sean Murphy


I started cooking at 15 and have never looked back. I spent 10 years training in London playing with the big boys before relocating to Cardiff where I have had the pleasure of working for this company for the last 14 years and being instrumental in the Company’s growth.

Best 3 things about your job
Running a busy shift!!! Either in the kitchen or front of house.
Man managing and getting the best out of people.
New projects.

Best 3 things in life
My family
My job

Perfect Dinner Guest
I’ll talk to anyone. Making conversation with total strangers can be so educational and enjoyable.

Last Supper
Somewhere overlooking a coast line, relaxing, staring out to sea in moments of silence. A touch of nostalgia to start my meal, with beans on toast. A roast loin of venison with a rich sauce and a glass of Shiraz, full bodied and indulgent to follow. Chocolate in as many forms as possible to finish.


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